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NameGenreCountryMyspaceAnimal Rights lyric (Album)
Our Bastard Existence Punk [add]
.calibre Hardcore [add]
7 Generations Hardcore [add]
A Face Like Murder Metal [add]
Abandon Metalcore [add]
Abnegation [add]
Abscence Metalcore -From the Bloodshed (Shall the Sentence be Death)
Absone Metalcore [add]
Active Slaughter Punk -Active Slaughter (Ave a Butchers)
Ad Arma Metalcore [add]
AFI Alternative [add]
Albino Hip-Hop/Rap [add]
Alguna Vez Fui Ciego Hardcore [add]
Anchor Hardcore -It Kills You To Know ()
Animals Killing People Grindcore [add]
Animinimalista [add]
Antagonist Metalcore [add]
Antes De Morir [add]
Asfixia -Una opcion, un deber (Asfixia 7'')
Assück Grindcore -Suffering quota (Anticapital/Blindspot)
Asunto Metalcore -Cuando El Sufrimiento Es Infinito (Cuando Las Sutilezas Mueren)
Autonomy Punk [add]
Basta de Odio Hardcore [add]
Battle Of Disarm Crust -Anti-vivisection ()
-Boycott meat ()
Between The buriend And Me Progressive [add]
Birthright Hardcore [add]
Black Lung Industrial [add]
Breed Apart -Song 7 ()
Brownbird Rudy Relic Blues [add]
c-drik Industrial [add]
Campus Sterminii Crust -E così sia (Non c'è limite al peggio)
Caninus Grindcore -Human Rawhide (Now The Animals Have a Voice)
Cattle Decapitation Grindcore -Success is… (Karma Bloody Karma)
-To Serve Man (To Serve Man)
Cherem Hardcore -One More Day (In the Land of the Dead)
Children of Gaia Hardcore [add]
Chokehold Hardcore -Burning Bridges (Content with Dying)
cipher [add]
Conceal Metalcore [add]
Condolência Hardcore [add]
Conflict Punk -Meat Means Murder (It's Time to See Who is Who)
Confronto Metalcore [add]
Consecuencias de la modernidad Alternative -Tu tenedor clavo mi corazon ()
Cria Cuervos Punk -Espèce Humaine (Soap Opera)
Cuestion de Respecto Hardcore -Straight Edge (El Rechazo Es Total)
Culture Hardcore [add]
Dead Prez Hip-Hop/Rap -Animal in Man (Lets Get Free)
Dead to me Punk [add]
Deadlock Metal [add]
Deavastación Hardcore -industrias de sangre (venganza natural)
decapitated Death Metal [add]
Declaration Metalcore [add]
Decontaminate [add]
Dernière Volonté [add]
Destierro Crust -La Soga (Destierro 7'')
Destroy All Of Them Metalcore [add]
Destroy Babylon [add]
devatstacion Hardcore -vengaza natural (venganza natural - adelanto)
Dias De Agonia [add]
Disrupt Crust -A Life's a life (Unrest)
Doomsday Metalcore [add]
Dropdead Hardcore -At the Cost of an Animal (Discography)
Dystopia Crust -Taste your own medicine ()
Earth Crisis Hardcore -Ultramilitance (Breed The Killers)
-New Ethic (Destroy The Machines)
-Biomachines (Slither)
Edge Jihad Hip-Hop/Rap [add]
Ekkaia -Cautiverio ()
Embrace the End Metalcore [add]
Emilie Autumn Industrial [add]
Empatia Metalcore [add]
En Honor a la Verdad Metalcore [add]
En Nuestras Venas Metalcore [add]
Environment Metalcore -Eco-defensa (Eco-Defensa)
Extreme Noise Terror Crust -CRUELTY TO CARNIVORES (1989) ()
-MURDER (1986) ()
Eye Of Judgement Metal [add]
Fall of Efrafa -No Longer Human (Split with down to agony)
Familia de la Militia Hip-Hop/Rap [add]
Favela [add]
Feel The Pain Metalcore [add]
Forest Yell Metalcore [add]
Forever Young Hardcore [add]
Fort Orange Folk [add]
Fractal Pattern Instrumental [add]
FREYA Hardcore [add]
From the Dying Sky Hardcore [add]
futuro vegapop Pop -liberacion animal (conexion)
Gather Hardcore -Total Liberation (Total Liberation)
Gerilja Metalcore [add]
Godfellas Hip-Hop/Rap [add]
Good Charlotte Pop/Rock -In This World (Murder) (The Chronicles of Life and Death)
Good Clean Fun Hardcore [add]
Good Riddance Punk [add]
Grace Hardcore [add]
Hasta Nuestra Muerte Hardcore [add]
Heaven Shall Burn Metal -Voice of the Voiceless (Antigone)
Hello Bastards Hardcore [add]
HERE -Too Great (Magic Machine (not released yet))
Hoyeseldia [add]
Humanifesto Punk -Artificial Need (A Declaration Of Intent)
Ictus Metalcore [add]
Inhumane Nature Punk [add]
Jah Sun [add]
Justice Department Metal -Lies dirtied with blood (Behind the Slaughterhouse wall's)
Keep On Fighting Hardcore [add]
Kingdom Hardcore [add]
Knives! -They're serving Heart Attacks & Cancers ()
Kochise Punk [add]
Larry Maietta Eco-stacy -Many Selves (Many Selves)
Liberacion Metalcore [add]
Liberate Hardcore [add]
Linha de Frente Hardcore -Gritos de Silencio (Cuidando dos Negocios)
Liturgy of Decay Gothique [add]
Live For This Hardcore [add]
Looking for an Answer Grindcore [add]
Los Fastidios Punk -Animal Liberation (Guardo Avanti)
Lost World Crust -Product (tot aber haltbar)
Maroon Metal Core -Drowning (Antagonist)
-Shadow Of The Vengeance (Antagonist)
-Stillborn (Antagonist)
Mass//Strangulation -Zivilisation (demo cd)
mayfairgrin Electronic -"dear gosling" (memoirs from the deep end.)
Merzbow [add]
misericordia Metalcore [add]
Moby Electronic [add]
Most Precious Blood Hardcore [add]
Mostomalta [add]
Motivation Hardcore [add]
Naj One Hip-Hop/Rap [add]
Nausea -Electrodes (Extinction)
New Winds Hardcore -For The Sake Of The Voiceless (A Spirit Filled Revolution)
Nidal Metalcore [add]
niña terrorista breakcore -permanece el paradigma (anarkoveganizmo)
Nix Fuer Niemand Rock [add]
Nouvelle Gaia Metalcore [add]
Nueva Etica Hardcore -Declaration de Guerra (Inquebrantable)
Oi Polloi Hardcore -Anarcho - Pie ()
-The Only Release ()
-Whale song ()
On Fall Metalcore [add]
One With Me Metal [add]
Oubliette Metalcore [add]
Overstate Hardcore [add]
Pain Runs Deep Metalcore -The End of Selective Justice (S/T)
Partisan Hip-Hop/Rap [add]
Path of Resistance Hardcore [add]
Pekatralatak -Dissection (Pure retournade)
Percance Metalcore [add]
Point of no Return Hardcore [add]
Por La Gloria! Hardcore [add]
Por La Verdad Hardcore [add]
Promoe Hip-Hop/Rap [add]
Propagandhi Punk [add]
Purification Hardcore [add]
Purified in Blood Metal -Forfeit (Last Leaves of a Poisoned Tree)
Rage Of A Prophet [add]
Raid Hardcore -Cultured Sadism (above the law (1992))
Remembering Never Hardcore [add]
Ripcord Crust -FURDER (1986) ()
-IGNORANT (1987) ()
-KISS OF DEATH (1986) ()
-PRISONERS (1987) ()
Rise Against Rock [add]
Risen Hardcore -Sacrifice (Orwell was an Optimist)
Sacred Pledge [add]
Sage Francis [add]
Seeds In Barren Fields Death Metal [add]
Sentence Hardcore [add]
Sentient Hardcore [add]
Sink Or Swim [add]
Sobras Del Descontento Metalcore [add]
Socialized Crucifixion Punk -Animal Liberation (Our Rise is Your Fall)
spesXerepta [add]
Starlit Industrial -Our Sinz (She Was A Spicy She Wolf)
Statement Hardcore -Unworthy (genocidal justice (1996))
Still Strong Metalcore [add]
Stopcox Punk [add]
Stormtrooper [add]
Sudarshana Pop/Rock [add]
Sunrise Metalcore [add]
Surrounded -No Benefit (Split CD)
Tamora Hardcore -It's Hard to Eat Meat with Broken Fingers (There's No Tomorrow Baby...)
Tears of Gaia Hardcore -Etched in Stone (demo)
-Justice Through Insurrection (demo)
The Agonist Metalcore [add]
The Battle Hip-Hop -Prepared (demo)
The Coming Fall Hardcore [add]
The Day Man Lost Grindcore -Pest Control (demo cdr 2004)
The Plague Mass Hardcore [add]
The Smiths 80s -Meat is Murder (Meat is Murder)
These Hands Are Fists Hardcore [add]
This Time Tomorrow Metalcore -The Learning (The Learning)
Through The Mist Of Tears Metalcore [add]
Tiempos De Honor [add]
To Kill Hardcore [add]
Transit Poetry [add]
Tuomiopäivan Lapset Crust -FUCKING MURDERERS ()
Unborn Hardcore [add]
Undying Metal [add]
Up Rights Hardcore [add]
vampire lezbos Punk [add]
Vegan Reich Punk -The Way It Is (Hardline)
Vegan Uprise Death Metal [add]
Vegan Warfare Metalcore [add]
Veganza Hardcore [add]
Velvet Acid Christ Industrial [add]
Verdict Hardcore [add]
Visyal Death Metal [add]
What We Feel Punk [add]
With Honor Hardcore [add]
Wolf Cell Solid Hip-Hop/Rap [add]
xterminio Hardcore -HIPÓCRITAS IDEALES RELIGIOSOS (split xterminio-minha guerra)
xtruenaturex Folk -one species (for the innocent)
ZSK Punk [add]


DISCLAMER:All members of bands listed over are supposed to be vegetarians or vegans, but we cannot be 100% sure for all of them.